Holly Ewald

Holly Ewald is a visual artist who blends studio work and community engagement bringing interdisciplinary partners and the public together to explore, research and celebrate… Read More »Holly Ewald

Charlie Best

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Rewilding to me means yielding a fallacy of control and re-membering ourselves across time . It means lighting a crucial fire under imagination and getting… Read More »Charlie Best

Fatema Maswood

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This word raises a lot of questions for me. Is rewilding completely spontaneous and unplanned? Is it a dynamic and shifting decentralized process? What happens… Read More »Fatema Maswood

Kei Soares Cobb

Kei Soares Cobb is a cape verdean-american father, fruit farmer, fugitive, afro-futurist artist-healer working in collaboration with the forest, water spirits, and liminal spaces to… Read More »Kei Soares Cobb

Andrew Oesch

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I work across Print, Drawing, Woodworking, Education, Electronics, and Public Engagement.

Cai Diluvio

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i am a visayan jungle born, urban transplant currently residing in Wampanoag land, of Providence, Rhode Island. i am mama, artist, medicine grower, land steward,… Read More »Cai Diluvio