Brooxana Pierre

When I hear the word “Rewilding” I picture unfolding. I picture all creatives pulling back the layers of their art. We learn something new about ourselves everyday whether we acknowledge it or not. Every day we wake up we have the opportunity to unfold a new part of who we are.

I am a singer/songwriter and poet but I also love to do modeling, beat making, and creative writing story telling. I am a student at Rhode Island College majoring in Music while also being a board member on a non profit organization called “She Community Club”. We are a non profit organization for women of color. We hope to amplify our voices and create safe space to inspire and to learn from one another. I’m very passionate about the youth so I decided to accept the Opportunity to be apart of a high school school board in providence at Saint Patrick Academy on Smith street. All in all I love to create and inspire. I love lending a helping hand. Through this experience I hope to share more of my art and share the raw pieces of it all.

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